These guys are the backup we call when the heavy artillery is required. RVO couldn`t do it without them:

                Chris Evans                                                    Dan Wood                      


Donnett's Skeetercreek Mississippi Moose is a Chesapeake Bay Retriever from a long line of champion dogs.  He is still learning but is always eager to get the job done and the more practice he gets the happier he is. Tom found out last December that Moose will gladly break ice to bring back fat ol' green head mallards!

About us

Tom Wood


Tom was born and raised in Lanark county.  Now this married, father of two has passed on the values of outdoor recreation to his own children. Tom is a proud graduate of Sir Sandford Fleming College (Frost Campus) Fish & Wildlife Technician and Natural Resources Law.  An accomplished angler, hunter and archer, Tom took his first deer at age 16 with a bow and never looked back.  His first turkey was taken in 2004.  In the winter he enjoys taking the kids out to catch slab crappies through the ice in Lower Rideau Lake. Bowhunting deer has always been a passion on an individual level but he truly enjoys the teamwork involved for successful waterfowl hunting.  He loves seeing the anticipation on a fellow hunter's face as they watch a flock of Canada geese set into the frosty corn stubble or a big tom turkey fanned out just beyond the decoys. Hunting is more than a seasonal hobby for Tom and he looks forward to meeting new people and sharing the outdoor lifestyle 365 days a year.

Rideau Valley Outdoors

Eastern Ontario's Local Outfitter

Sheldon evans


Sheldon also calls eastern Ontario home and brings lots of waterfowl hunting experience to the team.  He fluently speaks turkey, duck and goose and knows how to trick those wary honkers into gun range. Sheldon is an avid crossbow archer and regularly competes in 3D events and even placed 2nd and 1st respectively in the first two Seaway Challenges in the crossbow category. Turkeys in the area have now found that Sheldon has honed his skills and they can't hide from him anymore.  Sheldon also loves hooking into big bass in the summer every chance he gets. He is introducing his own daughter and son to the great outdoors and knows quality time with family includes hunting and fishing.

Team RVO