Eastern wild turkey

During the early 1900s the wild turkey was nearly extinct due to poor harvest management and habitat loss. Thankfully things have changed for the better and now turkeys thrive all over North America and the eastern subspecies is abundant here in Ontario. As a result of huge effort and financial support from organizations like the NWTF, OFAH, MNR and private clubs. we can now enjoy hunting a sustainable turkey population once again.

We provide hunters an excellent opportunity to harvest wild turkeys throughout the spring as conditions change.  Whether we set you up near the roost at first light or call a lonely gobbler to the decoys midday, we are sure you will enjoy all a spring turkey hunt has to offer.  We can accommodate bowhunters with a spacious hub style blind or set up for a shotgun hunt in the hardwoods.  Mature birds will often have beards in excess of 10" and spurs over 1" are common.


Turkey hunting


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Turkey hunting fees

Spring 2015 Special!
$149+HST for a morning hunt (half hour before sunrise to 12:00 noon) You may bring one extra person with you to observe but they are not permitted to hunt.