Rideau Valley Outdoors

Eastern Ontario's Local Outfitter

Waterfowl hunting is our passion!


Eastern Ontario is blessed to be on the border of both the Mississippi and Atlantic flyways for migrating waterfowl.  The Rideau valley is part of an important staging area for huge numbers of migrating Canada geese and ducks like mallards, wood ducks, black ducks, teal and many diver ducks.  These birds stop for a break and enjoy the area's perfect mix of water to rest on and agricultural lands to eat the massive amounts of grains and grasses needed to gain energy to fly south for winter. From the Ottawa River to the St. Lawrence River and all points between boast some of the highest goose population densities in North America during the months of October and November.  It is not uncommon to see 20,000+ birds a day around Richmond to Cardinal Ontario in mid October.

Types of waterfowl hunts we offer:

  • Canada geese in crop fields.  We prefer hay and alfalfa fields for the early season and gradually move into corn, wheat and bean fields as they are harvested and the birds change their routines throughout the fall.  Hunters are hidden in layout blinds for maximum concealment. We limit the groups to a maximum of four hunters plus our guide to help fool the geese.

  • Combination waterfowl hunts over water.  Hunt from blinds in areas that offer good shooting for local and migrant birds.  Species often harvested include: Canada geese, mallards, black ducks, wood ducks, teal, ring neck ducks and scaup (bluebills)

Rates and Fees for 2017

Field Hunts for Geese

$195+HST each for up to the maximum of four hunters in your group

*Includes a morning hunt (half hour before sunrise to 11:00 AM) from a layout blind or field blind.